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Examination Regulations


  1. Examinations in Certificate and Diploma in Shorthand, General Education and Commercial subjects (the syllabuses which are given in this book), take place in Establishments registered as examination centres, under the Invigilating Panels Approved by the Nigerian Institute of Professional Secretaries (NIPS), in April and November each year.

  2. First Class and Pass results are awarded at Certificate, Diploma and Higher Diploma levels. Weakness Report for candidates appears on the reverse side of the candidates’ Results Slip.

  3. The minimum percentage of marks required in all subjects other than Shorthand and Typewriting is 75% for a First Class and 60% for a Pass Certificate, except when differently assessed as shown in the syllabus.

  4. Worked examination papers are sent from Centres to the Institute’s Head Office, for marking by the Institute’s examiners. The results of examinations are sent to our Representatives in the States, as promptly as possible, from where they are dispatched to candidates.

  5. Certificate for successful candidates are dispatched to the candidates within some considerable time after the results has been sent.

  6. The candidate’s name on the examinations Entry Form (Results Slip), from which the Diploma/Certificate are prepared must be printed in BLOCK CAPITAL letters. If this is not done, and in consequence the candidate’s name is not correctly deciphered, a new certificate will be issued only on payment of a fee of N300.

  7. In the event of a loss, a certificate may be replaced on production of the result slip, at a fee of N500.00. If the result slip is not provided and a record search has to be made, an additional “search” fee of Nl50.00 will be charged.

  8. Neither the examiners nor the Institute will enter into any correspondence regarding the results of examinations.

  9. Any attempt at dishonest practice will nullify the examinations, and the fee will be forfeited. The Institute reserves the right to cancel any candidate’s entry, and to decline to grant a Certificate/Diploma, without assigning a reason.

  10. Examinations are worked under the supervision of approved invigilators. If the Examination is being held in more than one room, there is an invigilator in each room.

  11. The use of books, notes or mathematical tables are not permitted in any Examination. Dictionaries may be used in the following Examinations. Shorthand Speed, Shorthand-Typewriting, Advanced Typewriting, Advanced Secretarial Practice and English for the Secretary. Non-programmable calculators may be used in advanced book-keeping. Training Manuals and textbooks must not be used.

  12. All examinations entry form must be completed before the examination begins and the candidate’s name MUST be printed in BLOCK CAPITAL letters on BOTH halves of the entry form. At the appointed time the invigilator will collect the worked papers, checking that all details on the entry form are legibly completed and that the candidate’s name appears on each sheet of worked paper. All questions papers will also be collected.

  13. Fees are not returnable

  14. Where an examination cannot be held at all at a Centre for some unavoidable reason, credit will be given. Where fewer than 3 candidates are present for any examination, the examination will be cancelled and credit given.

  15. Every care is taken that the examination papers are correctly issued and received, but the Institute will not hold itself responsible for any loss or damage that may unfortunately occur.

  16. Credits will be given once to candidates, who for good reason are not able to write examinations registered for, and notify the Institute in writing within one month of the completion of that examinations.

  17. TO QUALIFY FOR THE EXAMINATIONS: Applications to sit are accepted only from those who have paid their current annual subscriptions. Under the syllabus, candidates are required to take each of three parts of the qualifying examinations separately.

  18. CERTIFICATE/DIPLOMA:Candidates who have passed all three parts of the examinations receive a Diploma. A Pass Certificate Diploma Part Two does not imply, and must not be used to imply that the holders is on a “membership” grade of the Institute.


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All written work must be in ink (with the exception of shorthand notes in the shorthand speed, English for the Secretary (systematic Note taking). Work in pencil will disqualify the candidate.


The examination Syllabuses are not intended to be exhaustic. They give only the main section on which questions may be set. Questions will not necessarily be set on each section. Examiners may or may not give a choice of questions. Further details on weighting of questions in new and revised examination papers are available on application to the Institute.


Attention should be paid to spelling, punctuations and neatness of presentation in all subjects.


The Examination Syllabuses and Examination Papers will, where appropriate, use decimal currency, metric units and the 24 hours clock system.


The time allowed for each paper is stated in the appropriate Question Paper.



The Institute’s Basic Secretarial Group Certificate is an award recognizing a basic Secretarial competence sufficient for routine office employment. To qualify for this award candidates must satisfy the examiners in the following subjects at least, to the standards shown below and all the examinations must have been passed within one l2-month period:

  1. BSI - Shorthand Speed (80 w.p.m.)
  2. BS2 - Typewriting (35 w.p.m )
  3. BS3 - English Language
  4. BS4 - Office Practice
  5. BS5 - Principles of Accounts
  6. BS6 - Economics
  7. HS7 - Business Methods



The Institute’s Secretarial Group Diploma is an award recognizing all-round secretarial ability at a somewhat lower and more restricted level than the Higher Secretarial Group Diploma Certificate.To qualify for this award, candidates must satisfy the examiners in the following subjects at least, to the standards shown below, and all the examinations must have been passed within one 12-month period:

DS1 - Shorthand Speed (l00 w.p.m.)
DS2 - Typewriting Speed (50 w.p.m.)
DS3 - Secretarial Duties
DS4 - English Language
DS5 - Laws and Practice of Meetings I
DS6 - Word Processing
DS7 - Office Management I



The Institute’s Higher Secretarial Group Diploma is an award recognizing all-round secretarial efficiency and supervisory potential. To qualify for the award candidates must satisfy the examiners in the following subjects at least, to the standards shown below, and all the examinations must have been passed within one l2-month period:

HSD1 - Shorthand Speed (l20 w.p.m. )
HSD2 - Advanced Typewriting (60 w.p.m.)
HSD3 - Office Management II
HSD4 - English & Business Communications
HSD5 - Law and Practice of Meetings II
HSD6 - Secretarial Administration
HSD7 – Personnel Management



Exemptions from some subjects of the examinations may be granted to members ofcertain other recognized examination/professional bodies, to holders of certain University degrees, to those who have passed l00/l20 and/or 50/60 w.p.m. in Shorthand and Typewriting respectively. Degree/HND holders in Secretarial Administration will be granted complete exemptions from the professional qualifying examinations But will be required to pay exemptions fee on admission.



Secretarial Institutions to be registered for the conduct of the Institute’s Internal Centers must be recognized by the Federal Government or the State’s Ministry of Education. Individual Educational Representatives with a well registered/incorporated Business names, will be considered.



The Institute’s Inspectors will inspect the Centers’ premises to ensure that the examination halls are up to the recommended standard set up by the Executive Council.


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The Centres will have two series of examinations a year - April and November. Internal Centres must register only students of the school who are registered members of The Institute of Professional Secretaries for the examinations.

Invigilators of examinations will be by the Teaching Staff, co-coordinated by Officials from the NIPS Head Office. Teachers will, however, not be allowed to invigilate subjects in their own areas of specialization.



Full time and part-time courses in Secretarial Administration, in-service training, seminars/workshops, etc, are held at intervals at our Training Centres and other Accredited Centres nationwide. Full details of such courses are circulated to members and organizations well in advance. Kindly contact the Institute for your special requirements.



The Institute holds qualifying examinations for its Diploma in Secretarial Administration at all level in April and November each year.

Examinations may be held for group of members any where in the country, under the approved invigilators of the officials of the Headquarters and Branches of the Institute. Student/Licentiate members who have passed the Institute Diploma Part Three Finals are automatically elevated to Membership Grade and are entitled to use the designatory letters of MIPS after their names.



Only registered student members may sit for the examinations. Applications to sit are accepted only from those who have paid their current annual subscriptions. Under the revised syllabus candidates are required to take each of the three parts of the qualifying examinations separately.

In order to pass a part of the examinations, a candidate must satisfy the examiners in all the subjects of the part at the same time. Failure to satisfy the examiners in any subject necessitates sitting the failed papers before moving to the next part.



A candidate is normally notified of his/her results about four weeks after the last day of the Examinations. The notification states whether he/she has passed, failed or have been referred. A coding is given showing the grade awarded in the subjects taken.



“A” - 75% and above
“B” - 65% to 74%
“C” - 55% to 64%
“D” - 50% to 54%
“E/R”- 53% to 49% (referred)
“F” - 48% to o% (fail)



Candidates who have passed all the three parts of the examinations receive a Diploma. A pass Certificate and Diploma Part Two does not imply, and must not be used to imply, that the holder is on a “membership” grade of the Institute.



PART ONE - Equivalent of Certificate Level
PART TWO - Equivalent of ND/Diploma
PART THREE - Equivalent of HND/B.Sc.

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